Inspiration to Prosper

If you're looking for spiritual motivation around your finances, this bundle of faith-based financial presentations will deliver.

This series leads you through powerful teaching from the scriptures the purpose of building your faith in what is possible for your finances.

Featured Topics:

  •  Be a Steward of God's Money - explores the meaning and relevancy of being a steward of God's resources in today's fast-paced environment.
  • Insights on Biblical Increase - every person has the opportunity to experience increase as God defines it. You will see specific scriptures and their practical application relating to how you can experience from a financial perspective.

  • Dominion over Debt - there is a specific example to follow based on the story of a widow woman who was left with a large amount of debt after her husband passed away. She initially could not afford to pay until she followed specific instructions that resulted in her becoming debt free. You will learn to do the same thing she did.

  • Manna: God's Unfailing Provision - as Moses led the Hebrew exodus from Egypt, over 1 million people experienced supernatural provision from God while making their journey in the wilderness. Discover the principles that you can apply today for the same type of provision for your life journey.

Add this collection of faith-based financial sessions to your knowledgebank to give you a fresh perspective on managing your finances from a biblical perspective!

All sessions led by financial trainer Devin Stubblefield.

Devin Stubblefield is a 26 year financial industry professional trainer with engaging style that will motivate you to action. Devin conducts financial coaching training for many social service agencies and faith-based organizations around the country.

For more information, download his bio by clicking here.



Faith Finance Empowerment Series

A powerful collection of faith-based financial empowerment messages on video and audio.

$10.00 USD