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The Knowledge You Gain About Money Will Pay You For The Rest Of Your Life

When you implement what you learn from financial literacy education about how money works, maintaining good credit, paying off debt, and building your savings, the result will be that you'll increase your financial capability. You'll make fewer financial mistakes and you'll have more money to do whatever you want with.
That is what you want, isn't it?


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Personal Financial Education & Training Courses

Know Your Money Mindset

Which money mindset do you operate from the most? Your financial decisions are shaped by whatever mindset you have at the moment. This program will spark some new ideas for you to consider. 

Improve Your Credit Scores

Having low credit scores is like an invisible roadblock preventing you from qualifying for financing a home purchase, buying a car and getting lower interest rates on credit cards.  You'll learn how to get your scores up fast. 

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Pay Off Your Debt

Nobody wants to stay in debt any longer than they have to. You will learn ways to work with your creditors and reduce the things that are causing you to feel debt-related stress.

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Grow Your Money

If you are considering whether or not you'll have enough to fund your financial future, it would be wise get an understanding how and what investments can be used used to grow your money. 

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How to Maintain Control When Things Get Chaotic and Urgent

Finance Rescue is all about helping you to discover how to keep things going if you experience financial challenges. 

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Meet Your Financial Coach

"As a former banker and financial adviser, I have gained valuable experience and unique insight from working with thousands of people from all walks of life and different financial situations.   I am committed to helping you to get to your desired financial status.

I invite you to enroll in and tap into my expertise!"

Devin Stubblefield
Financial Coach/Trainer
myMoney Academy

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Also Includes:
The Money Shift Financial Coaching Guide

(pre-recorded video coaching sessions to walk you through money considerations and a weekly implementation plan)


Taking You Beyond Financial Literacy and Into Financial Capability

Watch the video below to learn more about financial capability as established by NeighborWorks America.

What You Will Get:

Effective Financial Training Courses

Get trained, learn a realistic plan to follow and take massive action to make money happen.

Workshops and Expert Interviews

Live financial workshops with financial subject matter experts to keep you informed.

Bi-Weekly Live Q & A Group Coaching

Ask questions and learn what you need to know to keep your momentum going.

Private Facebook Group

Connect, share stories, and breakthroughs. Grow and thrive with this community.

The Academy and Coaching Program will Open for Enrollment Later this Summer


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