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Financial Mastery
Devin Stubblefield

This is a 3-part group financial coaching program that will increase your financial knowledge and effectiveness in achieving your credit improvement, debt reduction and asset building goals.

Our Next Online Session is
February 27th at 7:30PM Pacific

During this third installment of this live online series we will be discussing the process of pursuing your financial goals. After you have improved your credit scores and paid off some debt, you are in a better position to start possessing the land! Whether it's buying real estate, building a business or implementing an investment strategy, it takes you being in the right position to prosper!

Don't Miss our Special Guest:
Tesha D. Colston!

The Market Place Evangelist Tesha D. Coltson founder of Positioned to Prosper will be our special guest sharing with us her journey from Pain to Prosperity! Evangelist Colston owns several properties, several online businesses and has a powerful message to share with you as you aspire to move toward your desired financial destiny!

You Also Get Access to the Replays From the First Two Parts of Financial Mastery Series!

February 13th
(Replay Available)
How to Control Your Credit and Improve Your Scores

Learn what you need to start doing right now to build up your credit scores, using the latest credit building strategies.

February 20th
(Replay Available)
How to Deal with Your Debt and Start a Payoff Plan

Discover the debt repayment strategies designed to help you to get out of debt in the shortest amount of time based on your specific situation. 

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Financial Mastery


Group Coaching Sessions:

    Control Your Credit and Improve Your Scores
    Deal with Debt and Start a Payoff Plan
  • February 27th at 7:30PM Pacific
    Possess the Land, Moving from Pain to Prosperity with special guest Tesha D. Colston
  • This is an online live session. You will receive access information upon registration.
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